Studio SK ︎ Headspace

The Dot, Headspace

Pittsburgh, USA, 2019

Installation design for Headspace

On November 15 and 16, Headspace brought mindfulness, meditation, and more to the people of Pittsburgh. The free two-day event was full of activities to help make one feel happier and less stressed. HELO, together with Studio SK helped bring to life the Headspace Happy Healthy American campaign by creating a living, breathing sculptural installation of architectural scale, incorporating structure, colour, sound and play to communicate the essence of the Headspace Way. The inflatable nomadic structure, invited visitors into its unusual interior worlds, where floating orbs invited them to engage in mindful play and a pool shimmered light around the space. The multiroom experience, designed by installation artist, Sebastian Kite, incorporated a spatial soundscape unique to each room, that enhanced the specific ambiences of each room. The third room, and largest of the three, a multifunctional mindfulness room, hosted a series of programs including talks, guided meditation and exercise.

Headspace Healthy Happy America

Headspace is on a mission to improve the health and happiness of America, one city at a time. We’re starting in Pittsburgh, building on the momentum of Citrone 33 and the EMBRACE Pittsburgh movement, to collectively bring everyday mindfulness to the people of Pittsburgh and help the city get happier, stress less and sleep soundly.

Project Credits

Client: Headspace
Production: HELO
Design: Sebastian Kite  
Film Direction: Sebastian Kite 
Fabrication: Bigger Than Life
Sound Design: Simon Goff
Cinematography: Enzo Sica / Sebastian Kite
Creative Direction: Tom Webster
Art Direction: Phoebe Smith / Hana Omori
EP: Dario Verrini / Mitch Kirsch
Digital Design: James Swindells / Tanny Cruz
Editing: Isabel Ramos