Studio SK was founded in 2019 by artist Sebastian Kite as a platform to translate his creative output into the commercial realm.

With backgrounds in art, architecture and design, Studio SK work with diverse sectors such as aviation, technology, luxury, fashion and retail. Kite has delivered projects for international clients such as Adidas, Hermès and Royal Salute.

Kite and his team practice out of their independent workshop in London, designing, testing and building every project by hand.

Studio SK create bespoke projects and want to work with brands looking for collaborative approaches and innovative solutions.


At Studio SK our approach is architecturally minded. Our designs are created in direct response to their environment using structure, sound and light to give a new reading of space.

Rather than just design, we collaborate with clients on narrative and intention to go beyond their original brief - creating beautiful, extraordinary works that bring value and audiences to brands.

From set designs to architectural scale installations, we understand and know how to guide audiences through space. Our expertise and experience working with materials, technology and alongside other creative disciplines allows us to effectively realise projects in-design and on-site.

Studio SK strive for perfection in everything we undertake, ensuring that whether it is innovative technology or industrial processes, each element is handcrafted to finish.


Studio SK have holistic approach to projects where we create design from bottom up. Our services include:

Concept Development

Technical Design / Consultancy

Fabrication / Production

Art Direction 

Sound Design


For inquiries, please get in touch:

+44 7817448842

Studio SK: 
Unit 121
5 King Edward’s Road 
London, E9 7SG
United Kingdom

Unit 7 
Cranford Way Industrial Estate 
London, N8 9DG
United Kingdom