Studio SK ︎ Grace & Thorn

Canopy, Grace & Thorn

Chelsea Flower Show, London, UK,  2016

Designed in response to the Council Chamber of the Town Hall Hotel, the installation presents an inverted junglescape suspended over the topography of the space. The pylon structure plays homage to the Hills Hoist (rotary clothes line), elevating the domestic garden into the air on an industrial and architectural scale. Made of aluminum, steel, tensile cabling and light, the installation creates an alien environment juxtaposed with the Art Deco interior. 4.2m high and 9m in diameter, the structure only occupies 0.5m2 of floor space whilst dominating the entire volume of the room. Radial in plan, cantilevering arms reach out from centre to support self-tensioning wires, which in turn suspend the canopy of plants. At the centre of the Chamber there is clearing with a suspended cuboidal light, illuminating Grace & Thorn’ floral centrepiece.

Project Credits

Client:  Grace & Thorn
Concept Design & Production: Studio SK
Technical Design:  Benjamin Custance