Studio SK ︎ A. Lange & Söhne

A Journey Into Grey, A.Lange & Söhne

London, UK, 2017

To celebrate the release of the Limited LANGE 31 watch with grey dial, Studio SK explored the colour grey in installation form.

Grey itself is a colour of no colour. The literal definition of no saturation. But it’s also incredibly textural and tonal with the human eye able to detect over 500 accents of grey. In order to bring this depth to life, we chose to work with the medium of analogue film within the installation. A single frame of 16mm film contains around 1.5 billion minute pieces of silver that, once exposed to light, are capable of rendering grey in all its tones. Film is also an inherently sculptural medium from the physical strip of film itself to its subsequent projection within a space. Choosing to film the diverse Cornish landscape, we used a Bolex wind-up camera in deference to the Lange & Söhne 31 unique 31 day winding mechanism. No electronics, no digital processes.

The film came to life in space using projectors placed at opposing ends of the space. Projecting positive and images, light travelled through the framework reflected via the central screen onto mirrored planes. The dominance in brightness of either projector shifts, making the installation appear permeable or solid to the viewer. The result, an installation that explores the unique textural and tonal of grey.

Project Credits

Producer:  Marietta Auras
Film: Ben Evans James
Photography: Sebastian Kite